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Super Effect is a leading company in websites designing & development, art designs, logos & advertising banners of all sizes. We design and programming online shops, online newspapers, companies & institutions websites, in special designs & programming.

We provide the best SEO and marketing solutions to ensure our customers the first results in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and more.

Why Super Effect ?


 Responsive Design: Super Effect designs follow the latest techniques which is the responsive design, a modern technique that leads the website visitor to the best surf no matter what device he is using (computer – laptop – Tablet – Mobile) in terms of font size and arrangement of the content.  If the design is NOT responsive and visitor is surfing in from his mobile phone (which is often these days), content will appear to him too small, and will have to enlarge & zoom everywhere in the website which is very laborious and tedious thing for the visitor. But if the design is responsive, the font will be larger and the contents order will be displayed differently bigger.

In addition, search engines give priority to the websites with responsive design in search results than websites that are not responsive design.


Responsive Design



Non-responsive Design





 SEO: Super Effect guarantee you linking your website to search engines and the appearance of your website in the first search results by linking your website with the best search keywords that are related to your business. As one of the most important types of marketing FOR FREE. Keywords are the words that visitors can type on search engines (Google – Yahoo! – Bing – etc) to find your website. We will select the best search words (Keywords) that is related to your activity, to guarantee you a real and rapid spread. Maybe there are thousands of websites that work in your field or selling the same kind of products like yours, our mission is to make you precede them search results.



Online Marketing: It is one of the most important paid ways to spread and success of your website quickly, if you intend to publicize and publish your site in record time Super Effect has the best solutions for you, We:

  • Publish your site on hundreds of websites with high ranking, which increases your website’s ranking among search engines.
  • We manage your advertising campaigns for Google, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo. 
  • Manage your pages on Facebook and other social networks or train your staff to handle it professionally.